Metal Gear Solid news, maybe Metal Gear Rising 2, teased by Raiden VA

Metal Gear Solid news, which we hope means an MGS remake is teased by the actor behind Raiden, hinting also at Metal Gear Rising 2 as Konami revives Silent Hill

Metal Gear Solid news, maybe Metal Gear Rising 2, teased by Raiden VA. A cyborg ninja with a deadly sword, Raiden from Metal Gear Rising

A fresh announcement regarding Metal Gear Solid, which we naturally hope will include a full MGS remake, has been teased by Quinton Flynn, the voice actor behind Raiden, who also responds to fans asking about a possible Metal Gear Rising 2. It sounds like a dream come true, as we haven’t seen a fresh, mainline entry into the stealth game series since The Phantom Pain, but with Konami reviving Silent Hill, maybe anything could happen.

Rumours have circulated for a short while now about the possibility of a Metal Gear Solid remake, with the remake of Silent Hill 2 demonstrating a keenness on Konami’s part to recapitalise on popular but neglected properties. Of course, the original MGS already has a remake, in the form of 2004’s The Twin Snakes, exclusive to Nintendo’s GameCube. But a fresh revival of the Hideo Kojima-created stealth series, or maybe a new sequel, would certainly be most welcome.

A subtle hint, but Quinton Flynn, the voice actor behind Raiden in MGS 2, MGS 4, and of course the Platinum Games-helmed hack-and-slash Metal Gear Rising, responds to fans saying that an announcement regarding Metal Gear Solid could be coming imminently.

Commenting on a video shared from Quinn’s Cameo page, one fan writes “Metal Gear Rising tenth anniversary next month,” followed by another fan, suggesting that “a Metal Gear Rising 2, along with the rest of the Metal Gear showcase, might just make it?”

“Stay tuned for things to be announced in the coming weeks,” Flynn cryptically replies. Whether this points to an upcoming Metal Gear-related event, an announcement for an MGS remake, or maybe – just maybe – a Metal Gear Rising 2 is unclear. But it seems like something is afoot.

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