Co-op zombie shooter Metal Gear Survive won’t be a full-priced game

Metal Gear Survive

Bad news: the next Metal Gear Solid game is a four-player co-op spinoff about killing interdimensional zombies with spikes sticking out of their heads. Good news: it won’t cost the price of a full triple-A game. 

Just what we needed – another zombie game. We have a list of the best at that link.

It’s up to you whether you take this pricing as a good sign or a sign of worry. After all, Konami clearly don’t think this is a product that’s worth charging full price for. Saying that, Ground Zeroes wasn’t full price and that was brilliant, so maybe it means nothing.

Konami haven’t revealed what price point it will be set at, but Ground Zeroes went for $30 on release, so maybe Metal Gear Survive will sit at a similar price point.

Like Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Survive takes place around the events of The Phantom Pain, with the explosion at the end of Ground Zeroes sending its heroes through a wormhole and into another dimension that looks suspiciously like The Phantom Pain’s Afghanistan.

I suppose we’ll find out more, price included, closer to the 2017 release.

Thanks, Polygon.