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Metal Gear Survive’s new mission adds “a whole new level of cooperation”

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is getting a new cooperative mission next month, called Rescue Mission.

Unfortunately, Metal Gear Survive can’t live up to the series’ incredible legacy.

According to Konami’s announcement, Rescue Mission will see you and your teammates entering hostile enemy territory in an attempt to save your fellow soldiers. In comparison to Salvage Missions, Rescue Missions will “require a whole new level of cooperation and team spirit.”

We don’t know much more about Rescue Missions except that they will be available in March.

Alongside the announcement about Rescue Missions, Konami released the schedule for this week’s daily missions, as well as the weekly mission will will change out each week.

Daily Missions:

February 23, Wrecked Base

  • Normal Battle Conditions
  • Hellfire (Flame element damage increases)
  • Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases)

February 24, Deserted Mine

  • Normal Battle Conditions
  • Lucky Devil (Critical hit percentage increases)
  • Gunsmoke (Player firearm damage increases)

February 25, Abandoned Airport

  • Normal Battle Conditions
  • Heavy Hitter (Damage inflicted by enemies increases)
  • Sneak Attack (Damage inflicted by units increases)

February 26, Forsaken Ruins

  • Normal Battle Conditions
  • Greatsword (Player two-handed weapon damage increases)
  • Famished (Hunger progression speed increases)

February 27, Deserted Mine

  • Normal Battle Conditions
  • Juggernaut (Player heavy weapon damage increases)
  • Ashes to Ashes (Equipment degrades more easily)

Daily Missions will be released every day at 00:00 (PST), 8:00 (GMT) and 3:00 (EST).

Weekly Mission:

February 23 – February 27, Fallen Village

  • Normal Battle Conditions
  • Marksman Death (Damage inflicted by long-range attacks increases)
  • Death Blow (Damage inflicted on weak points increases)
  • Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases)