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Metal Gear Survive’s new 15 minute playthrough is getting hammered on YouTube

Metal Gear Survive

Time was a publisher would only have a limited idea about how a game was going to perform before it came out. Now, thanks to the openness of the internet, they arguably know a little too much. For Konami, things don’t seem to be going all too well with Metal Gear Survive.

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As fans are aware, Metal Gear Survive is the first major release in the series to be put together without the influence of Hideo Kojima, who parted company with publisher Konami after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Survive was revealed to much criticism back at Gamescom in August, and things aren’t getting much better now, a month on. A new 15 minute video showcasing Survive’s gameplay complete with Japanese commentary has been released on YouTube, and it’s doing a damn good job of proving there just isn’t much love for the co-op survival action game.

As things stand, the video has more than 470,000 views – no shabby total for a video not released in English. However, it’s also mustered around 1,500 ‘likes’ to more than 19,000 dislikes.

That means, of the people that can be bothered to give their view on it, 93 percent aren’t keen on what Konami is putting together.

The original Gamescom trailer didn’t doo much better, either. The IGN version of the trailer, which is the most watched with more than 3.35 million views, has amassed 20,900 likes to 107,000 dislikes. Using the same calculation, that’s an 84 percent dislike rate.

News of the video comes as the man formally in charge of the IP, Mr. Kojima himself, critisied Konami’s decision to put zombies in Survive. “The Metal Gear games are about political fiction and espionage,” he offered. “Where do zombies fit in with that?”

I wouldn’t worry too much, Hideo. It doesn’t look like all too many people will be buying it.