Metastream comes to Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine, adding HTML stream overlays


Amazon’s free-to-use game engine, Lumberyard, got an update tonight, allowing developers to make it easy for streamers to mess about with overlays. 

I wonder when our upcoming PC games list will start being populated with Lumberyard titles.

The latest release, which is live now in beta, brings 337 improvements (full patch notes here), but the main new feature is the Metastream.

“Turning on the local HTTP Metastream server included with Lumberyard is as simple as including the Gem in your project from the Project Configurator, and enabling the Gem with an in-game setting,” say Amazon. “Stats and events can easily be exposed by adding a single line of code for each event you want your streamers to access.”

You can decide what overlays you want them to have access to, but they’re also fully customisable, with streamers tweaking them using any web authoring tool, such as Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup.

These overlays are on par with those displayed at professional eSports tournaments, helping streamers deliver more information to their audience. This should help foster community growth, Amazon say.

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