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Metro devs tease their next game - likely a sci-fi VR title


If you were hoping to head back in to the post-apocalyptic Russian underground any time soon, it’s looking like you’re going to be  a bit disappointed. On the bright side, Metro developers 4A Games are teasing their next big thing. 

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4A Games have been teasing stuff for about a week now and it’s all starting to come together. It began with a tease on their Facebook page, where they released a 3D image of their office. Panning the camera revealed a countdown clock, clearly ticking down to some sort of announcement.

If you looked closely though, you’ll also notice that a lot of the staff have Oculus Rifts and Oculus Touch controls, suggesting that they’re working on a VR title. The screens are difficult to make out, but most people are guessing it’s sci-fi themed. I can make out a train track though, so maybe it is Metro related. Why do you do this to me, 4A Games?

There’s also a tweet tease from the official 4A account, showing a gloved hand and some kind of futuristic-looking UI.

Maybe it is sci-fi after all. There’s also another image on their Facebook of a hand holding some sort of gun, by the looks of things.

Whatever it is they’re working on, I’m interested. The Metro series has a better sense of atmosphere than almost everything, so I have no doubt that 4A are the developers to do something really special with VR.

Anyway, surely they’re working on Metro 3 at the same time, right? Right, guys? (If you work at 4A please answer in the comments).