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Metro Exodus’ DLC features new cities, new characters, and a flamethrower

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus’ two DLC expansions will put players in control of new characters and new weapons. In a press release issued earlier today, developer 4A Games revealed details of the upcoming content, which will be available towards the beginning of next year.

The first piece of DLC arrives this summer. Titled The Two Colonels, it follows the adventure of a brand-new character, Colonel Khlebnikov, as he returns to his son for New Year’s Eve. This being Metro, of course, all is not well, and his son’s home is under siege from mutants, aggressive slime, and dwindling supplies of radiation protection. A year later, Colonel Miller will retrace Khlebnikov’s footsteps, armed with a shiny new flamethrower to protect himself from the creatures that dwell in the ruins of the city.

The second expansion will arrive in early 2020. Set in Vladivostok, it’ll put players in the shoes of US Marine Sam, as he attempts to make his way back to the states. Getting through the crumbling city will be no mean feat, however, and it’ll take all of Sam’s military nous to get home.

Given the Metro Exodus sales, it’s not too surprising that 4A’s DLC plans seem to be relatively robust. The latest game in the series sold more than twice as many copies as its predecessor, and I’d be surprised if there hadn’t already been behind-closed-doors discussions of a sequel.

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The two updates will be available individually, or as part of an expansion pass, which you can pre-order now via the Epic Games store. If you’re yet to pick up Metro Exodus, now is a pretty good time to do so, as it’s discounted pretty heavily in the Epic store sale, which kicked off earlier today, and will run until June 13.