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Metro Exodus sold more on the Epic store than Last Light did on Steam

March 20, 2019 Epic has announced that Metro Exodus has far outstripped its predecessor.

Metro Exodus has sold more than 2.5 times as many copies on the Epic Games store than its predecessor managed on Steam. As part of its keynote presentation at GDC 2019, Epic announced that Deep Silver’s latest trip to Moscow performed significantly better on its platform than Metro: Last Light sold on Steam in a similar time period.

It’s worth being a little sceptical about this – Steam was a much smaller platform when Last Light launched in 2013 than it is today, and it would seem that Epic is focusing on the latest new release in the Metro series, rather than on its more recent remaster. I’d also suggest that Exodus had a greater marketing push behind it, and didn’t share as much of the darker, more claustrophobic elements that might have made Last Light a harder sell.

That said, these are still impressive figures from Epic, and they aren’t the only ones. During the keynote address, the company revealed that the Epic Games store has already grown to accommodate more than 85 million players since its launch late last year.


It would seem that despite the many concerns around Metro Exodus’ move to the Epic Games store, there hasn’t been too big an impact on its overall sales. In the UK’s physical charts, the game sold almost 50% more than its most recent predecessor, Metro Last Light, although there were plenty of caveats around that particular detail, including the majority of sales coming via PS4. Until now, it had been pretty difficult to determine how well the game had done on PC.

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If you’ve not picked the game up for yourself, check out our Metro Exodus PC review. Aside from a few moments of madness, Harry was very impressed by the series’ latest outing.