The sequel to Metro Exodus is in development

The next Metro game is in development at Metro Exodus developer 4A Games

Metro Exodus next game

It’s only been a few months since the release of Metro Exodus, the critically-acclaimed third game in the Metro 2033 series – so we certainly didn’t expect to hear about the next game from developer 4A Games for a while. Well, we’ve actually got just that thanks to publisher THQ Nordic, as not only are 4A Games working on a new game – it’s a new Metro game, no less.

THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors spoke with investors today, and in a presentation he revealed that not only was a new Saints Row game “well into development”, but that the sequel to Metro Exodus was already being worked on by series creators 4A Games.

We had previously heard that the team was working on an “undisclosed AAA-project“, but up until this point we were unaware that plans were in place for a fourth Metro 2033 game. Metro Exodus seemed to be a success, in fact in the report for the investor meeting THQ Nordic notes how well Deep Silver – which it owns – did last quarter, which the publisher attributes to “the continued strength of Metro Exodus”.

While the reveal of a new Metro game wasn’t in that report – despite revelations about Saints Row 5, TimeSplitters 4 and Dead Island 2 – Twitter user ‘Nathan’, who sat in on the investor presentation, noted the announcement about 4A Games’ next project.

Despite the continued growth and critical success of the series, the reveal of a new Metro game is still a little surprising. The entire premise of Metro Exodus was about getting away from the Metro, and without spoiling anything, the events that occur do make a sequel difficult.

Furthermore, after working on the series for three games over more than ten years, you would have thought that 4A Games would be ready for a break. Apparently not, but don’t expect to hear much about the next Metro game for a while.