Metro: Last Light trailer shows off guns and excessive neck-slicing


Metro: Last Light is out now; here’s our Metro: Last Light review.

Necks are wonderful things; aesthetically, they’re essential for proper cravat-wear; commercially, we wouldn’t have the Apple of today without the turtlenecks of yesterday; and, biologically, for the least icky transport of oxygen and blood they’re pretty necessary. Yet someone over at 4A studios, or more likely a cabal of bitter developers, has it in for necks. Their latest marketing material for Metro: Last Light shows upwards of four necks ripped open with a rough blade.

The video also shows off guns, gas masks, and dynamo-powered torches.

I mean, couldn’t they have talked things out rather than go straight for the jugular?

When Rob went hands-on with the game, he managed to avoid slicing a single throat. Granted, he did set himself on fire with a molotov, thus affronting my charred clothing sensibilities.

Neck’s aside, its good to see that many of the original game’s guns are returning. There was something particularly satisfying about Metro 2033’s homebrew arsenal. The Super Soaker-esque rifle that came with its own pressure pump and could fire and dart-like object especially took my fancy.

Matro: Last Light is currently heading towards release on 17 May.

Cheers, VG247.