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Metro: Last Light trailer shows the mutants and monsters that fill Russia’s irradiated underground


Metro: Last Light is out now; here’s our Metro: Last Light review.

Mere weeks away from the release of Metro: Last Light and Deep Silver are filling the internet with more trailers than there are mutants in the game’s underground system. The latest trailer covers a spread of the game’s action, teasing us with snippets of story, and shots of the monsters that we’ll be facing (both human and swelled, bloated non-humans).

Shooter trailers tend to be filled out with the more scripted sections of games, it makes for action-packed shorts, just ones which are rarely representative of playing the game, so we have to be wary about what we’ve been shown. That caveat aside, 4A seemed to have nailed the tone: dark, claustrophobic, stumbling into the horrific. What the game will be like to play can’t be judged from video alone, but the coherence of the game’s world? That we can get a sense of.

I’ve not had a chance to try the sequel to Metro 2033 myself but Rob’s had a go and was quite smitten with the whole thing.

Metro: Last Light is aiming for 14 May release date.