Miami Street is a free-to-play racing game you control with only a mouse


Microsoft has just released Miami Street for PC. It’s a free-to-play racing game that you only need a mouse to control – no driving wheel or pedal peripherals required, no gamepad either, not even a keyboard. 

How does it work, then? It’s all about timing. You use both left- and right-clicks to manage your throttle, brakes, and speed boosts at the opportune moment as your car hurtles around the tracks.

Microsoft says new cars and events will be added regularly, and that you’ll need “the right lineup of cars” to take on “unique challenges… the combinations are endless; it’s up to you to find your winning formula.”

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You can find Miami Street on the Windows store. It’s not the deepest or the most fully featured racing game, instead being intended as an accessible and casual experience. A quick race will apparently take less than a minute (gone in fewer than 60 seconds, you might say) while a full series can last you for hours.

Microsoft adds that it’s also been “built from the ground up to look and play fantastic on any Windows 10 device,” and to be fair, the graphics in the footage below do look pretty decent.

Nevertheless, it has garnered a staggeringly hostile ratio on YouTube, with just 82 likes to 689 dislikes at time of writing.

Clearly, the racing purists are not happy – understandable, perhaps, if you’re a fan of hardcore simulations such as Forza. But the simplified controls look interesting, and hey, it’s free.