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Flight Simulator is getting its first complex passenger jet, the CRJ

Third party developer Aerosoft is making a Bombardier CRJ add-on package for Flight Simulator

You’ll soon be able to take the friendly, simulated skies in the Bombardier CRJ. German developer Aerosoft is gearing up to release its CRJ add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’ll be the simulation game’s first complex airliner, featuring a set of features that will appeal to the more hardcore sim fanbase.

You can get a sense of how detailed the CRJ package is by watching a series of YouTube videos that Aerosoft has commissioned called Come Fly With Me. In the videos, a seasoned CRJ pilot (who goes by TheDude) explains the aircraft as its shown in Flight Simulator, and every last fiddly detail is present and correct. It’s in-depth enough that TheDude can do a full walk-around pre-flight check on the aircraft, pointing out each inspection point and what the air crew would be looking for before a real-life flight.

Project manager Mathijs Kok spoke with Twinfinte about the CRJ add-on, and said Microsoft Flight Simulator has “completely revitalised” the third-party flight simulator development scene. Microsoft’s latest entry provides new and more powerful tools for third-party developers, he said, and it’s been exciting creating new content for the game.

Kok did not reveal the price for Aerosoft’s CRJ package, but third-party ‘payware’ add-ons for simulators can get pretty expensive, relative to other games’ DLC. The company’s Trinidad TB21 GT package, a single propeller four-seater, runs $24.95 USD before VAT, so you can probably expect to pay at least that amount for the new CRJ.

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If you’re uninclined to shell out more cash on Flight Simulator, that’s okay – the big UK and Ireland World Update launched earlier this month, so there are plenty of new scenic views to soar over in the base game.