In Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Queen of England lives in a ’90s office block

Looks like other famous landmarks are getting a similar treatment, too

The city of London in Microsoft Flight Sim

Microsoft Flight Simulator puts the world in front of you and lets you fly off to wherever you want to go. It’s a lofty, charming pitch for a game, but modelling the entire globe is a big ask for a development team to tackle alone. As such, Asobo Studio has used machine learning and AI to help piece the world together. While it’s done a fantastic job on the whole, it has, humorously, got some landmarks wrong.

As spotted by someone on Twitter, the BBC took a tour of London and found that Buckingham Palace has been turned into what looks like an office block from the ’90s. Apparently, everything is accurate from a satellite view, but the AI has to guess what buildings’ textures are. As such, in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Queen of England currently lives in an office block when she’s in London – enjoy.

That’s not the only fumble either. Some of London’s bridges are also underwater, but still seemingly usable. I looked around on Twitter, and some other people have reported oddities elsewhere. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is missing, and Edinburgh Castle has been turned into an apartment complex. As a somewhat proud Scotsman, the latter hurts my soul.

Silly gaffes aside, the plane game looks brilliant. We did a Microsoft Flight Simulator reviews roundup, and everyone is having a lovely time. Ben has also enjoyed his time in the skies but wishes there was more to keep him hooked in the long-term. You can read his full Microsoft Flight Simulator review for all of his thoughts.

If you do install the PC simulation game, however, do be aware that it is a big boi. The Microsoft Flight Simulator install size is over 100GB, and it’ll only get bigger! Between that and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, who needs space for photos of loved ones, anyway.