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Flight Simulator’s latest patch leaves players with questions

Asobo Studio's new update for Flight Simulator should fix some crashes and freakishly tall buildings

There’s an update available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator that comes with a relatively modest list of fixes and changes: some persistent crash-to-desktop instances have been corrected, and developer Asobo Studio says it’s taken a look at how its systems calculate building heights. Some players, however, are dissatisfied with the shorter list of fixes in this update, and have taken to the plane game‘s forums to voice their concerns.

First, however, it’s worth looking at the top-line changes made with update You shouldn’t see any more crashes from using the VFR map in-flight, and Asobo says it’s fixed crashes associated with the smart cam view mode. Helpfully, screens and buttons on your avionics instrument panels should no longer turn off on their own for no apparent reason, which you have to imagine is an unnerving thing to see when you’re at 20,000 feet.

Asobo says the “Autogen buildings height has been reviewed”, and players confirm that they’re seeing fewer freakishly tall skyscrapers dotting the countryside in most areas where those had been a problem before.

A few tweaks have been made to aerodynamics (“autopilot pitch oscillation has been reduced on some planes”), and there’s been a pass on some UI elements as well. Multiplayer has been disabled for the Japan Discovery Flight, and Asobo has made some unspecified quality of life improvements to the Flight Simulator marketplace.

In the discussion forum thread for the update, some players have complained that the patch is pretty thin, and doesn’t address everything it claims to fix. A frequent point of contention is that the ‘Press any key to continue’ screen is still showing up for some players, when the patch notes indicate that this screen was removed.

When we tested the updated version of Flight Simulator on Game Pass, the ‘Press any key’ screen was still present after applying the patch.

Most issues with the patch, however, can be resolved by rebooting your PC and allowing Flight Simulator to run whatever updates it needs after installing the patch – you’ll have to launch the game for those to begin downloading, and you’ll want to restart the sim once they’re done.