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Incoming patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator should boost performance

Asobo Studio says it has optimised performance around large airports and while using in-game menus

If you’ve found flying into large airports a bit rockier than it should be in Microsoft Flight Simulator lately, good news: a patch is inbound that ought to improve performance in highly detailed environments. The developers of the simulation game say the patch will be available in the Windows Store and Steam today, March 26.

Asobo Studio says the patch addresses two key areas where the player community has said performance has been sub-par: while flying around large airports (notably Dallas-Ft Worth) and on server requests when using in-game menus and during flight. “While this fix may not address all performance related issues we believe this patch will help many of you get back to flying and [we] encourage you to provide feedback on this patch as we continue to improve the sim performance with each future update”, Asobo writes in the latest development update.

If you’re playing on Steam, you should find the patch queued up in the ‘Downloads’ area as usual, but if you’re playing on Game Pass or on a version you bought in the Windows Store, you’ll need to open the Windows Store and click ‘Get Updates’ to install the patch.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s recent patch history is a bit mixed – players have frequently reported running into new problems when a patch has come out to address an existing complaint, and so there’s some wariness about what might break when this fix is applied. Still, Asobo is encouraging players to keep providing feedback to help guide its team in sorting out the issues that have inevitably cropped up in such a large and complex simulation.

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Top image credit: Player Hedbonkerfs, via Asobo Studio