Microsoft HoloLens developer kits will cost $3,000, to ship in Q1 2016

HoloLens Dev Kit

Microsoft have announced that the first quarter of 2016 will see developer kits of their HoloLens augmented reality headset in people’s hands. The kits will cost a cool $3,000 and help budding AR developers produce their ideas. 

HoloLens is a standalone device (unlike Oculus Rift VR, which must be connected to a PC), and ‘projects’ items into the real world by displaying them on a set of glasses lenses. The system has previously been shown off at events, including a very impressive demonstration of AR Minecraft.

Microsoft’s display of the technology today showed Project Xray, a mixed reality game that sees robots appear in your real surroundings. Players hold a controller device, which the HoloLens projects a gun image onto. The weapon is then used to fend off robot attackers, which break down walls and fly around the player.

With the developer kits out in the open early next year, hopefully we’ll start seeing lots of interesting AR games start to emerge.

Thanks, TechCrunch.

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