Microsoft E3 conference scheduled for Sunday June 11, 2pm PST – earlier than usual


Microsoft have brought their E3 conference forward a bit for 2017, moving it from Monday morning to mid-afternoon on the Sunday. No explanation as to why has been given, though it does continue repeated steps made in recent years to start the conferences earlier, with Bethesda now traditionally camping out on Sunday night.

Our list of upcoming PC games will probably get quite an overhaul starting Sunday night, then.

Here’s the tweet confirming as much, from director of programming at Microsoft, Larry Hryb:

As the image rather indicates, we’re expecting new hardware talk from Microsoft this year as they expand on Scorpio as a concept. Supposedly more of an upgrade than the PS4 Pro, between therecent Scalebound cancellationand the general dominance of the PS4, it will need to be the centerpiece of a very good show if Microsoft want to get back in everyone’s good graces.

For PC owners, remember that basically everything first part is now cross-play enabled, so long as it doesn’t have Halo written on the box. Whatever they’re planning to show the Scorpio off with, we’ll probably get to play it (in 60 fps and whatever resolution we like, on a mouse and keyboard) too.

Thanks, Eurogamer.