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Microsoft now offer self-service refunds for games and apps bought on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

Following in Steam’s footsteps, Microsoft have announced that users can now request refunds for Windows 10 games and apps purchased via the Microsoft Store. These self-service refunds will be available for the majority of games and apps on the marketplace, as long as users adhere to certain requirements.

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First noted on r/xboxone by Reddit user gaymerRaver, the terms and conditions of these self-service refunds are very similar to Steam’s current refund policy. Games and apps are eligible for refunds within the first 14 days of purchase, and provided that less than two hours of playtime has elapsed across joint Windows 10 or Xbox One profiles. Users must have downloaded and opened the app or game in order to get a refund, with Microsoft reserving the right to block users who continually abuse the refund system.

Certain Windows 10 apps are not eligible for refunds and items like season passes, DLC and game add-ons cannot be refunded through this system. Moreover, you need to wait at least a day following the launch of a game or app before the refund feature becomes available.

Requesting a refund is merely a matter of logging into your Microsoft account, navigating to your order history within the Payments and Billing tab, and then selecting the game you wish to refund. If you meet all the criteria, the refund will be instantaneous. The service is still in preview alpha so expect some teething problems, but it finally brings the Microsoft Store’s refund policy up to date with other major digital distribution services like Origin and Steam.