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Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a customisable gamepad for Windows 10 and Xbox One

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Have you ever looked at your controller and thought, “This hunk of junk doesn’t reflect just how elite I am and just how many men with guns I have shot today in my video game machine”? Well, Microsoft’s just announced a new Xbox controller that will reflect just how magnificent you are when you play on your Xbox One and PC. It’s called the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has nubs, sticks, buttons, paddles, triggers, hair trigger lock switches, a flux capacitor and components that can be taken out and swapped. You might want to change the analog sticks, or perhaps you just want more buttons on the back of the controller.

It actually does look rather nifty, though I can’t see myself being keen on faffing around with different parts. I don’t need more random components to lose in cupboards and boxes.

You’ll be able to use it with your Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.