Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor live action trailer shows what orcs look like on the inside

middle earth shadow of mordor trailer live action monolith warner brothers

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is right around the corner with its 3 October release date, so it’s time for the march of the trailers. The latest effort is from Corridor Digital, a group of indie filmmakers who make live action videos in the vein of the game their supporting. When it came to Shadow of Mordor they rightly went with seven minutes of hunting orcs.

The video dives into a couple of Shadow of Mordor’s standout features, such as the player’s wraith powers and the Nemesis system. The pit where Talion (the human ranger you play) seems to charge up his bow before teleporting into the thick of the fight is an example of your shadow strike ability. You can use it get around a battlefield easily and, when infiltrating an enemy fortress, scale the walls with no trouble at all.

The Nemesis system is my favourite feature of Shadow of Mordor, it’s a promotion mechanic for the AI orcs you fight. I into more detail in my recent preview, but, essentially, every orc in mordor has the potential to scale the ranks and become a warchief in the world. You can manipulate that chain of command to your own ends but, if you get caught out by the orcs, your death at their hands can also see them level up and become even stronger than before.

I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw of Shadow of Morder at Gamescom and can’t wait to go hands on with when it releases next month.