Monolith debut PC footage for Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor with new challenge mode

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor free dlc monolith

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor launches in less than ten days: September 30th. As we draw closer to the release, Monolith, at this year’s Nvidia Game 24, have debuted a demo of the game running on the PC. They’ve also shown off the new challenge mode, which pits you together with five of Mordor’s finest in a race against the clock.

The resolution and bitrate of the video is on the low side, so take the graphics with a pinch of salt.

The new challenge mode plunges you head-first into the sandbox of Mordor to take out five deadly warchiefs. Objectives differ with difficulty too; examples include only being able to die once, and a 50 minute time limit. Taking advantage of the Nemesis system, each attempt should be a different experience altogether.

You can read about how Jules managed to survive Mordor in his Shadow of Mordor preview.