Shadow of Mordor DLC Lord of the Hunt detailed. Lead a ghul horde

shadow of mordor lord of the hunt dlc monolith warner brothers

Shadow of Mordor’s set to get its first major piece of DLC and it’s focused on the open world’s beasts. Lord of the Hunt adds mounted uruk captains to the fray as well as two new beasts to be ridden – the stealthy caragath and a new kind of graug which can vomit toxin on its enemies.

It also marks the return of Torvin the dwarf in a set of new story missions.

There’s few details about what you and Torvin will be doing precisely but, him being a beast hunter and this DLC adding new beasts, it’s likely to involve hunting down the new beasts added in the DLC.

The major additions are clearly the wretched graug and caragath. The former is a variant on the graug in the base game, which is a huge walking tank of a beast. This new variant has all that but also vomits acid. That should be handy in a fight. The latter is a new sort of hound, similar to the caragor. The caragath is more stealthy, though, and can be used to sneak up on enemies and attack them from above.

While the ghuls were around in the base game there was no way of controlling them. Lord of the Hunt gives you the ability to raise a horde of beasts and send them at the orcs.

Nemeses will be able to ride beasts, too, for the first time. This will make fighting captains significantly harder as you’ll have to contend with the beast they’re riding but also because they’ll be better able to beat a hasty retreat.

Lord of the Hunt also throws in five new epic runes focused around mounted combat and beast hunting.

There’s no word on the release date yet but we’ll update you when we know.