Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC offers up more Warchiefs to butcher

Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC Monolith

Monolith have released a new piece of DLC for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and it’s the game’s first sizable piece of new content. Lord of the Hunt grants you a whole new team of Warchiefs to stalk and stab in the neck. But these guys are not the chiefs you’ve met before. These uruks are Beast Masters. You can probably guess what that means.

The trailer for the DLC shows one of Shadow of Mordor’s deliciously ugly orcs atop a graug, and so it very much seems that the extra shot of difficulty in these new missions will come from having to take down a warchief’s beast mount before slicing their heads off. Torvin the dwarf is along for the ride, which is probably a good point since the main game proved he was quite knowledgeable when it comes to taming and battling Middle-earth’s various rampaging monsters.

The pack introduces three new beasts: the Wretched Graug that can vomit toxin everywhere, a new stealthy Caragath, and the ability to direct a horde of Ghul. All will be yours to command, but the Beast Masters will be able to use them against you too.

Collectables like epic runes and new challenges will make up the extra additions to populate your map, which offers a few more distractions if you’ve already managed to 100% clear the main game.

You can pick up Lord of the Hunt for Shadow of Mordor today, and is part of the season pass if you bought that.