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New Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay footage shows Minas Ithil under siege

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion

Middle-earth: Shadow of War sure looks exactly like Shadow of Mordor. One of the main differences here, though, are the environments. This latest gameplay trailer shows off Minas Ithil, a sprawling city under attack from ugly orcs. 

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The first game suffered from repetition, both in gameplay and in its environments. It looks like the developers are attempting to address that lack of variety in the sequel, however.

While it’s still orc-shanking business as usual, this time you’ll be doing it in urban environments, too, not just fighting in endless brown like in the first game, or endless green in the second half.

There’s also an expanded Nemesis System – easily the highlight mechanic of the original – that throws your personal enemies into key story moments.

One of the biggest changes are your allies – here there are multiple sides vying for victory, and you’ll have some pals joining you in the fight. Oh, and you can mount enemy siege weapons and rain down exploding rocks. Have a watch of the new trailer above.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases August 25.