You’ll never guess what Shadow of War’s The Agonizer likes to do

Shadow of War The Agonizer

Shadow of War is making characters out of Orcs. We’ve already had Bruz the Chopper, talkative giant, along with sexy Shelob. Now The Agonizer, as played by Kumail Nanjiani of Silicon Valley, is similarly wacky. He’s very sure he wants to kill you, he’s just really not sure what to say.

Here’s what we know about the Shadow of War release date, nemesis system and much more.

You will apparently encounter Mr. Agonizer through the nemesis system, suggesting that he’s not a guaranteed story component. Hopefully he dies well, though Warn Bros. do point out he’ll be as formidable an adversary as anyone else, despite the humour. I do enjoy the play on words of him agonising over his choices of dialogue, though. Very good.

Given their last trailer release was only a week ago, it’s reasonable to assume we’ll see even more from Warner Bros. as we head towards release – October 10 for Shadow of War, slap bang in the middle of the biggest period of the year.