We’re giving away 60 booster packs for the new Might & Magic: Duel of Champions expansion

Duel of Champions: the CCG of cha- yeah, you know.

There’s more than one sort of Magic in the sphere of online card games, you know. Duel of Champions has enjoyed a strong first year since its showing at DreamHack Winter, thanks to some dedicated community service and a gentle approach to monetisation.

It’s with that spirit in mind that we usher in new expansion Sins of Betrayal – not with a whimper, but with a big ol’ giveaway. We’ve got 60 booster packs that fell off the back of a lorry joining the information superhighway. Would you like one?

The packs are worth about £10, and split across the game’s six factions – we’ve got 10 each for the Academy, Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, Sanctuary and Stronghold.

They each contain 59 cards, including one hero and a range of creatures, spells, buildings and fortunes. Ubisoft reckon premade decks like these are the best way to hop into the new expansion and start challenging opponents without building out your own collection first.

We’ll be doling out the decks to readers good enough to type their details into the widget below. Make sure you’ve created and signed into a PCGamesN account, fire us an email address, and you’re in for a chance at a code.

Should you get one, you’ll want to head to the Duel of Champions site, sign in via Uplay, and click ‘Redeem code’ under the ‘Login’ menu. After that, your new deck will pop into in-game existence.

Hang about our Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates on this and future giveaways. Any of you lot played Duel of Champions before?

Sorry all keys are gone, we hope you enjoy!