We’ve got 50 starter packs for Might & Magic Heroes Online. Want one?

Might & Magic Heroes Online

We were intrigued by Might & Magic Heroes Online when it launched for English-speaking regions six days ago. It’s a brave match of turn-based tactics with MMO overworld wandering, and I let its ambient sword-clatter play on for about an hour in my browser last week. Oddly soothing stuff.

If you’re planning on giving it a go, you may as well load up your horse with the right gear. We’ve got 50 in-game companions worth seven euros each to give away.

Each of these 7€ starter packs contains a pet, who’ll “escort the hero during his adventure”.

You might get the practically-named Spider Eater, or the Golden Kappa – a muscle-bound, hunched creature with a goblet-like open skull. Much cuddlier than he sounds.

For a chance to grab one, bash your details into the widget below – and make sure you’ve created and signed into a PCGamesN account before you do so. We’ll keep you updated on this and future giveaways via Twitter and Facebook.

If you get a code, you’ll almost certainly want to redeem it. In that case, you can head to the M&M Heroes site, click on ‘Account’, and enter your key into the ‘Vouchers’ field. Once you’re done there, you can log into the game and accept your new items via the message system.

That’s it. By all means, however, stick around and talk tactics in the comments.