We can be heroes: Ubisoft announces Might & Magic Heroes VII

Might & Magic Heroes VII

Seeing as that we recently got a new - rather good, by all accounts, but my copy is sitting unloved on Steam until I have more time - Might & Magic, it only seems fair that it’s strategic sibling, Heroes of Might & Magic, or as it’s now known, Might & Magic Heroes, gets another installment. And that is indeed happening. 

Ubisoft announced the next installment in the venerable franchise at Gamescom today, introducing it with a super serious trailer. 

Might & Magic Heroes VII sounds like it’s not making any drastic changes, once again giving leaders control of towns that need managing and troops eager to fight, with a healthy dose of RPG elements. 

The new website says that it “not only pays tribute to the famous turn based strategy series, but also builds upon its best features while adding improvements and innovations.”

Ubisoft needs your help though, apparently. It wants the community to vote on one of two factions that will join the Shadow Council, the alliance of races fighting against whatever evil’s causing a ruckus. The two factions are the elven Sylvan and dwarven Fortress. You can find out more about these factions here, and then cast your vote. 

In a month, you’ll get to choose between two other factions. 

To get a vote, you’ll need to join the developer’s own Shadow Council, which will also net you access to news, exclusives and natter away with the dev team. You can sign up for that on the new site. 

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Aever avatarcgerrr avatar
Aever Avatar
3 Years ago

This is unexpected news ... with the development of the web browser thing I imagined the franchise is dead. But apparently, and surprisingly to me, someone at UBI thinks there is still life in it.

I must say that I'm happy a new HoMM game is in the work, but I'm also fairly sure they will manage to frack it up. VI was barely a decent game, but not really a match to the older titles (II, III and V). The factions were bland, uninspired and very much identical under the thin, shiny coat of paint. The core mechanics were also dumbed down way too much with the removal of the resources and other incentives for exploration.

In any case, as a long term fan of the series, I will probably buy this, just as I bought VI. On day one, not expecting much, just supporting the franchise stay alive in the hope than someone, at some point, will make another gem that will be comparable with the giants of the series II, III and V (yes V, don't argue with me :P )

cgerrr Avatar
3 Years ago

Ok, let's watch them to not being able to recreate the successful design of previous HOMM games which are at least 15 years old. Again. Zero faith from me about this one: just another milking attempt.

Btw I still play HOMM3 and it's still alive and well (try HOTA guys).