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Absorb this Mighty No. 9 footage like the energy of a rocket-drone

Mighty No .9: not actually the name of this chap. This is Beck.

Mighty No. 9’s dramatically overfunded Kickstarter campaign has given way to fan unease. Early footage didn’t match up to the offbeat anime concept art the game was sold on, and developers Comcept returned to crowdfunding before we’d seen anything substantial of the Mega Men successor.

But this is more like it. A convincing two-minute trailer, followed by a demo of Mighty No. 9’s hectic Online Race mode from the mega man himself: Keiji Inafune.

Protagonist Beck is heavily reliant on a dash skill to flit about the screen and smash through enemies. When he occasionally touches the ground, he lets off streams of bullets from an arm cannon.

The unfinished product still looks like a remastered PS2 game. But there’s a propulsive rhythm to combat that already looks like it could inspire players of a particular mindset to forgo sleep.

The second video takes us inside Comcast’s offices for a look at a semi-competitive online mode. Two players compete for points, and it soon transpires that Mega Man co-designer Inafune is really very good at shooty platformers. Explains the difficulty of all those games through the early ‘90s, doesn’t it?

Thanks, CVG.