Mighty No. 9 trailer shows off transformations and unique enemies

Mighty No. 9.

Mighty No. 9 far exceeded its Kickstarter goal, clocking over $3.8 million dollars compared to its initial goal of $900,000. However there was some controversy when studio Comcept came back asking for even more funding to add English voice acting and more.

That hasn’t seemed to stop Comcept though, who’ve just released another trailer previewing their work with various transformations and unique bosses.

Here’s the trailer:

In Mighty No. 9 you play as Beck, the 9th iteration in a powerful line of robots. You’re special because you’re immune to a horribly virus that has caused most of the worlds robots to go insane. As you traverse through the 8-bit and 16-bit inspired levels, you’ll find new tech and transform Beck into more powerful variants.

In the video we can see the various transformation forms you can choose from, each offering a different playstyle as well as being adapted to conquer a multitude of situations. We also get to see what appears to be two enemy bosses with unique attacks.

It certainly looks like a lot of fun, but it’s going to be a while before we can get our hands on it with a Spring 2015 release date.