The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot rethinks microtransactions after gamer pressure


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is out now; check out our Mighty Quest for Epic Loot review.

Ubisoft’s currently in-beta Free to Play dungeon crawler/builder The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has had a change of heart in the way that it’s going to handle its monetisation. Instead of allowing players to trick out their dungeon with paid items and monsters, they’re going to shift their attention towards making cosmetic enhancements the order of the day, to avoid players just paying their way to the end-game.

The game came under fire most noticeably after Total Biscuit featured The Might Quest for Epic Loot on his Youtube channel, condemning the payment model. It caused a 13 page discussion about the game’s payment model on the official forums. Ubisoft’s announcement was made just over a week since TB published the video.

In the news post on the game’s website, the team states “many of you have said that [the monetisation system] has affected the game to the point of causing major harm”. When so much of a free to play game’s design is dictated by the way it handles monetisation, it’s surprising and welcome to see Ubisoft make such an about turn on how they’re handling this.

It’s especially good news as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot appears to be a genuinely fresh take on the Diablo style dungeon crawler, in that you can spend most of your time fighting through dungeons that other players have build, and building your own. Creating options for players to create a strong thematic consistency in their dungeons seems like a much better way to earn your money than just letting them jump to the finale without putting in any effort.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is currently in beta, which you can register for here, and is aiming for a release date later this year.