Mind Zero is bringing dimension-shifting dungeon crawling to Steam on March 8

Mind Zero

PlayStation Vita exclusive JRPG Mind Zero is heading to Steam this March, bringing its blend of 2D visual novel style storytelling and 3D, turn-based battles to PC.

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According to the official blurb “Mind Zero is an action-packed dungeon-crawler RPG in which you form bonds with weaponised beings brandishing deadly powers.

“Shift between present day Japan and a mysterious shadow world as you traverse tricky dungeons and battle insane monsters. With sinister forces hot on your trail, you will need to push yourself to the limits in order to defeat the forces of darkness and liberate the world from evil!”

It’s 40 hours of fully voiced – Japanese or English – JRPG-style dungeon crawling and storytelling that takes place in a world where every human is connected to a violent creature from another realm.

Impulses from one dimension can resonate between worlds and influence the other half of this symbiotic partnership, sometimes causing people to do the unspeakable.

It sounds like an interesting setup, and you can find out more on the official site. Mind Zero launches on Steam on March 8. Here’s a trailer with a really annoying song in it: