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Minecraft Dungeons’ biggest update, Flames of the Nether, is out now

Flames of the Nether adds both paid and free content to the Minecraft dungeon crawler

Minecraft’s action RPG game spinoff Minecraft Dungeons has just received it’s biggest update yet: Flames of the Nether is out now, and it adds new levels, endgame missions, mobs, and bosses to the blocky dungeon crawler.

Flames of the Nether is a paid DLC, but it’s accompanied by a significant free update. The paid portion, according to Windows Central, includes six new levels, new enemies, new gear and cosmetic items, and plenty of new secrets to discover. Whether you buy the DLC or not, you’ll be getting a lot of new content with the update, though. The free portion includes changes to Apocalypse Plus difficulty mode, new endlessly replayable Ancient Hunts missions for the endgame, a new Piglin merchant, a new gold currency, new enchantments, and more.

The new Flames of the Nether missions take place, as you might expect, in the Nether, which reflects the latest version of the region as it appears in vanilla Minecraft as of last year’s major Nether update. Fans have spotted at least three new biomes in Mojang’s promotional images, so you can expect a lot more variety in your adventures with this update.

Here’s a dev diary discussing what’s new:

YouTube Thumbnail

Have a look at our guide to Minecraft Dungeons enchantments if you’re about to hop back in. The game has seen a fair number of updates since launch, so if you checked it out on Xbox Game Pass for PC when it first launched, now’s a good time for a reinstall.

Flames of the Nether is available in the Microsoft Store for $5.99 USD / £4.99, and it’s included in the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass.