Is Minecraft Legends crossplay?

Minecraft Legends crossplay allows you to team up with friends and continue your progress across different platforms in the block-based strategy game.

Minecraft Legends crossplay: For players sit astride horses, smiling at one another in a field of daisies as a stone structure looms behind them.

If you don’t want to unite the Overworld alone, then Minecraft Legends crossplay is your answer. Minecraft is always better with friends, and the ability to easily connect across different platforms means you can dive into co-op with minimal fuss.

Thankfully, Blackbird Interactive’s action strategy game has been designed with multiplayer in mind, so that you can go head-to-head with your friends in PvP or fight alongside them to beat back the piglin hordes together in co-op. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft Legends crossplay and cross-platform progression ahead of the release date.

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Minecraft Legends crossplay and cross-platform progression

Yes, Minecraft Legends features crossplay and cross-platform progression across all platforms. The multiplayer game is available to play on PC via Steam and Game Pass, as well as PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

While the finer details are yet to be confirmed, we can safely anticipate that Minecraft Legends crossplay and cross-platform progression will function much like it does in Minecraft. You’ll be able to use crossplay with up to four players per team, all of which can connect from a different platform. Cross-platform progression also allows you to take your Minecraft Legends mounts with you from the desk to the couch, along with any items or treasure you recover in the open-world game.

That’s all we know about Minecraft Legends crossplay and cross-platform progression for the time being. While you and your pals wait for Minecraft’s first foray into strategic mayhem, start planning your PvP Minecraft Legends multiplayer gameplan, check out our list of the best co-op games, as well as the best games like Minecraft if you’d rather not stray too far off the beaten path.