Minecraft Legends mobs – all heroes, hosts, and Piglins

Mobs make Minecraft, so here’s all the new and returning Minecraft Legends mobs, including allies and enemies, for the action-strategy game.

All Minecraft Legends mods: A rabbit sits on the floor, it's legs akimbo beneath its body, it looks up in front of it.

What are the new and returning Minecraft Legends mobs? Look no further, as we’ve listed every critter, creature, and monster you’re likely to encounter in Minecraft Legends. From the Piglins invading the Overworld, to the Creepers you form an alliance with (hey, wait, what?!), there are plenty of familiar faces for fans of the original Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons.

The story of Minecraft Legends is just that: legend, so how much of it is true and how much has been altered over the years remains unknown. Some find it hard to believe, for example, that we ever lived in harmony with the skeletons and zombies of the Overworld. I, for one, like to think it’s true, though. Believe it or not, as you relive the story, working with these mobs will be critical to saving the world. Here are all the Minecraft Legends mobs – hostile or otherwise – that you might meet in the strategy game.

All Minecraft Legends mobs: The hero mobs of Minecraft Legends rush forth in defence, from the player hero on a horse mount, to the creepers and golems around them, all look ready for battle.

All Minecraft Legends mobs list

All the Minecraft Legends mobs we know so far:


  • Cobblestone Golem
  • Plank Golem
  • Grindstone Golem
  • Mossy Golem


  • Creeper
  • Golems
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie


  • First of Stone
  • First of Oak
  • First of Brick
  • First of Diorite


  • Brilliant Beetle
  • Horse
  • Big Beak
  • Regal Tiger


  • Allay
  • Badger
  • Fox
  • Pig
  • Llama
  • Rabbit
  • Turtle
  • Wolf

Enemy Piglins

  • Mace Runt
  • Blaze Runt
  • Piglin Builder
  • Spore Medic
  • Seeker
  • Warboar
  • Lava Launcher
  • Pigmadillo
  • Brute
  • Sporeback
  • Portal Guard

Minecraft Legends mobs: Concept art of the plank golem development, including progress of the design process from theiron golem, to the smaller Minecraft Legends golem designs.

Minecraft Legends Golems

These golems are brand-new mobs to the Minecraft world, or, considering Minecraft Legends takes place in the past, are they extinct? Either way, each requires some of a certain Minecraft block type and one or two Lapis to spawn, and each one has unique attacks to use in battle. There are also the Firsts, which are giant golems you can unlock with Gold and the Wake the Firsts improvement.

Cobblestone Golem

The Cobblestone Golem is small and sluggish but packs a punch. They might look cute, and like all the golems, were happy just living peacefully in the Overworld, but being forced into battle has shown them that there’s more to them than they knew. They specialise in melee attacks and ripping down enemy buildings. They cost a Stone and a Lapis to spawn.

Grindstone Golem

While Cobblestone golems hit hard with their melee defence, keeping enemies close for an attack, the Grindstone golem also packs a powerful punch, but their move creates distance between themselves (or you) and the enemy by knocking them back. This is particularly useful when you and your army are getting overwhelmed, or to protect the weaker golems and allies against attack. They cost an Iron and a Lapis to spawn.

Mossy Golem

The Mossy Golem is your army’s support unit and has a special healing power. These cute little cubes spray water in a circular motion, healing anyone in its radius, so they are particularly useful when paired with the Grindstone Golem, which can keep enemies away while you fix up. You need an Iron and a Lapis to make one.

Plank Golem

The plank golem is a ranged attacker, acting as a turret, firing darts at enemies rapidly. As a wooden golem, they don’t have much defence, so you’ll have to rely on their projectiles to keep enemies at bay. They only need a Wood and a Lapis to spawn.

Minecraft Legends mobs: A few zombies stand around in the sun, each with farmers' hats protecting them from the daylight.

Minecraft Legends Zombies

One of the three hostile Minecraft mobs that were, apparently, friendly in the distant past of Minecraft Legends is the zombie. Back in the time your story takes place, the Overworld is a utopia, and understandably all of the Overworld mobs live together in harmony.

Despite this surprising twist to Minecraft lore as we know it, the developers and designers of Blackbird Interactive have been careful to stay faithful to the lore. You know how zombies catch fire and die during the day? And you know how wearing a helmet prevents that? Well, that’s the rather clever purpose of those farmer hats you can see every zombie wearing in Minecraft Legends.

You can unlock zombies by visiting their camp in their Minecraft Legends biome and completing the mission to repel the Piglins from their village. They are melee specialists, hitting significantly harder than the Cobblestone Golems, and require two Redstones and two Lapis to generate from spawners.

Minecraft Legends mobs: Two skeletons, both with helmets on, stand erady for action in a snowy biome, with snow-topped spruce trees behind them.

Minecraft Legends Skeletons

The excellent attention to detail seen in the zombie lore stays true for skeletons, too, with their helms acting in the same way as the zombies’ hats – to prevent them from burning to death in daylight. As you might expect, skeletons are your ranged allies that hit a lot harder than the Plank Golem, so building an army of bony fighters will help you defend the Overworld from a distance. Once you have a spawner, you only require two Diamonds and two Lapis to spawn one Skeleton archer.

Minecraft Legends mobs - some Creepers have surrounded some very worried Piglins, and are about to explode.

Minecraft Legends Creepers

Whether you’re a die-hard Minecraft fan or fairly new to the series, you probably know that Creepers are a terrifying mob to steer clear from while also being Minecraft’s cute, green face. That all changes in Minecraft Legends, where Creepers are your friends, just like the zombies and skeletons. Creepers are so frightening in the present-day Minecraft universe because they tend to explode in close proximity to you.

In Minecraft Legends, Creepers still explode, but now it’s in your favour, as you can use your army of Creepers to blow up structures and enemies. They’re particularly handy in blowing up walls to infiltrate the enemy base. To get one in your party, you need two Coal and two Lapis from any Creeper spawner.

All Minecraft Legends mobs: An army of Piglin grunters and runts stand around, holding various tools and materials, like chains.

Minecraft Legends Piglins

The Piglins are the enemies in Minecraft Legends, escaping the Nether to try and take the Overworld as their own. However, while Piglins are a mob familiar to vanilla Minecraft players, they are slightly different in Minecraft Legends, and you won’t have seen plenty of variants beforehand.

Here are all of the different Piglin mobs:

  • Mace Runt – melee attackers that all Hordes have access to. They’re the weakest of the bunch but are great in numbers.
  • Blaze Runt – ranged attackers that all Hordes have access to. They throw Blaze rods like spears.
  • Piglin Builder – these Piglins can construct Piglin structures.
  • Spore Medic – a healing unit that uses nether-spores to heal their Piglin allies.
  • Seeker – these Piglins hold explosive mushrooms that, when they explode, do massive damage to anything in its range, including itself.
  • Warboar – a boar that charges through anything in its path and gores its foes with its tusks.
  • Lava Launcher – a Warboar with a cannon strapped to its back. It specialises in ranged attacks that annihilate your structures.
  • Pigmadillo – the elite unit of the Horde of the Hunt. They roll around like armoured wrecking balls, easily bowling through enemies and structures.
  • Brute – the elite unit of the Horde of the Bastion. It has a fast whirlwind attack that smashes your allies in close quarters.
  • Sporeback – the elite unit of the Horde of the Spore. They throw mushroom grenades to root enemies to the ground, leaving them defenceless against other Piglins.
  • Portal Guard – these giant versions of the Brutes are available to any unit and are incredibly tough. They can strike hard at close range but don’t have many options to attack enemies at a distance.

Minecraft Legends hosts mobs: The three Minecraft Legends hosts, action, foresight, and knowledge, burst through a portal, with a blue and yellow allay right behind them.

Minecraft Legends Hosts

Foresight, Action, and Knowledge, the three Minecraft Legends hosts, are inspired by three traits that Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive believe Minecraft players to have and are there to support you throughout your challenge to prevent the Piglins from taking over. They are not playable and will stay at the Well of Fate.

So now you’re familiar with all the Minecraft Legends mobs that will help you on your legendary journey in the RTS game. Hopefully, you will band together with your allies to send the Piglins back to the Nether. You’ll need additional support in your battle, so check out which mobs double as Minecraft Legends mounts, a list of the best Minecraft Legends upgrades, and tips on how to increase your Minecraft Legends banner size, carry more resources, and increase the Minecraft Legends mob limit. With these in mind, prepare for the journey ahead by readying yourself with just how long Minecraft Legends will take to complete.