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Minecraft Legends will no longer push friends apart in PvP

A Minecraft Legends update is coming to let friends team up before joining PvP matchmaking, allowing you to stomp opponents with pals in the strategy game.

Minecraft Legends - a villager sniffs a purple flower in the strategy game

Jumping into Minecraft Legends multiplayer with your friends only to find you’re on opposite teams can be a bit of a gut-punch, unless you have a particularly vindictive streak in your soul. Thankfully, a Minecraft Legends update is on the way allowing you to squad up with friends before joining PvP matchmaking, meaning you’ll be able to guarantee that you and your most trusted Minecraft pals can stomp over anyone who stands before you in the blocky strategy game.

Listen, I’m not going to deny that there’s a particular kind of glee that comes from surreptitiously sliding into a multiplayer server on the opposite team from your friend and mercilessly targeting them in-game until they realise and send you an incredulous message. But teaming up is the true spirit of Minecraft, and hopping onto the best Minecraft Legends mounts and riding out alongside a true friend brings a warm glow to my heart.

Good news, then, as developer Mojang confirms, “An update is in the works to allow friends to join the same team before finding other players in PvP matchmaking.” That means you’ll be able to ensure you’re on the same side before you start looking for other players, avoiding any potential tension and letting you focus on taking down the enemy team, together.

Minecraft Legends twitter post reading: "An update is in the works to allow friends to join the same team before finding other players in PvP matchmaking. We plan to have this update in your hands soon. Please continue to share your feedback. We are listening and value your input!"

This change isn’t live yet, but the development team says, “We plan to have this update in your hands soon.” In the meantime, it asks players to continue to share feedback about the game, adding, “We are listening and value your input!”

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