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Minecraft survival maps

Minecraft’s prime other mode is survival, in which your sole task is to remain in the land of the living for as long as possible. The best maps push your survival instincts to their limits, forcing you to make the most intelligent choices when mining limited resources, putting impossible voids between you and vital items, and testing your endurance with vicious monsters. Others just ask you to survive long enough to hold a hot tub party. These are some of the best designed and most entertaining survival maps around. 

World in a Jar

World in a Jar Minecraft map

The challenge in World in a Jar comes from surviving on a series of tiny worlds encased in jars. Each floating glass prison contains a unique biome, containing a mix of pure survival and adventure map gameplay. There’s an ethereal stillness to these captured environments that makes World in a Jar a must-see map.

Ant Farm Survival

best minecraft maps ant survival

For everyone who’s ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself trapped in an ant farm, the tellingly-named Ant Farm Survival provides a flawed template for what you’re likely encounter – you’ll want to conduct more scientific research elsewhere. Divided into increasingly challenging sections, this unique survival map boasts a heap of challenges and some deviously claustrophobic level design.

Deadly Orbit 

Roleplayers looking to take on the mantle of Sandra Bullock or George Clooney need look no further than Deadly Orbit, a space-themed survival map set aboard the International Space Station. It takes its Gravity inspiration literally, in the sense that there is lots of gravity as opposed to none at all, but even though there’s no floating in the abyss here, the hollowness of space can certainly be felt. There are a number of tasks to complete with the limited resources to be found on the ISS, including fighting off mobs that seem to have learned how to survive without air. 

Planet Impossible 

Planet Impossible

One of Planet Impossible’s goals is to ‘tame a dinosaur’, which is all you really need to know about it. If you do need any further persuading, though, Planet Impossible is a Mad Max-like wasteland and the final destination of your crashed spaceship. Tasked with surviving ten days, you’ll need to explore the world and discover evidence of humans who may have settled here before you.  


best minecraft maps arctic

Washed up in the Arctic tundra with nothing but your own body to rely on, Arctic demands that you set up digs in the desolate ice fields and gradually build a thriving settlement for you and your survivor pals Jozsef and Mr. Maillet, cultivating crops and maintaining a farm so you can eventually throw the ultimate hot tub party. The premise is as silly as they come, but the map is truly beautiful and almost calming in its isolation.   

Containment Survival 2 

best minecraft maps containment survival 2

A clever Minecraft twist on Portal, Containment Survival 2 has you progress through a selection of containment cells, each containing a unique biome. Ushered through by a mad AI, you’ll have to complete survival challenges on a tight time limit. Using a superb collection of voiceovers, the AI will hassle and demean you as you attempt to escape the facility. A well-designed sequence of environments and challenges cements Containment Survival 2 as one of Minecraft’s very best survival maps. 

Wild West 

Wild West Minecraft map

It may not be Red Dead Redemption, but Wild West truly captures the feel of the frontier. The glowy sunset, the vast canyons, and the street purposefully set up for epic duelling all help make this Minecraft map the perfect arena for fulfilling your stetson-wearing fantasies. Of course, the usual Minecraft elements bleed in at the edges, but maintaining a farm and taming horses is just as much a part of life on the ranch as it is life in Mojang’s blocky sandbox. Capturing monsters using cactus-based traps less so, but we’re quite happy to give that a go as well. 

Survival Island 

best minecraft maps survival island

Survival Island is the classic original. It’s the Coca-Cola of custom built survival maps, and has a legacy to go with it. That legacy is that it's really hard. Like, super difficult. And yet it's Survival Island’s punishing nature that makes its rewards ever sweeter. A house of twigs is a true achievement, and when you’re the king of your own castle you’ll know you actually worked to earn it. If Dark Souls had a Minecraft counterpart, Survival Island would be it. 


SkyBlock Minecraft map

SkyBlock, like Survival Island, is one of the ‘original’ custom maps, lacking frills and vistas, but offering a rock-solid challenge. For SkyBlock, just take the scavenging suffering of Survival Island and suspend it thousands of feet in the sky. Unlike Floating Island, your little L-shaped dirt pile is the only resource you have, and thus plenty of ingenuity and a mind tuned for conservation is required. With the right smarts, you’ll be amazed what you can harvest from a tree and several blocks of dirt.  

Sphere Survival 

best minecraft maps sphere survival 

An interesting twist on the classic SkyBlock formula, Sphere Survival puts you on gigantic spheres and set you on your merry way attempting to bridge to the map’s other spherical worlds while fending off creepers and other Minecraft nasties. With heaps of goals to drive you across the world’s multiple spheres as well as the constant challenge of fighting off mobs atop these precarious platforms, this map is a survivalist’s dream come true.

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flapharder Avatar
3 Years ago

This is literally the BEST map me and my friends have ever played in minecraft...finally a map that is not at all confusing, offers alternatives to people who find parkour difficult, and is interesting and challenging and keeps you going all the way to the end. We will play this one again. Well done, and please make more like this!

Rich Kid Asshole Avatar
2 Years ago

how did you get a server

getrdonish Avatar
2 Years ago

here's a minecraft factions server with a custom created map, it's pretty cool:

minecraft games Avatar
1 Year ago

Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field.

Jak Draconeel Avatar
1 Year ago

Those Pixelmon photos aren't even to that pixelmon map>.>, Ik this because im friends with the creator (JonD) that made the map in those photos.