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Minecraft horror maps

How scary can animated blocks be, seriously? Phenomenally so, apparently. If you’re looking to ruin some underwear today then you need a chilling horror map to load into Minecraft. Down the lights, affix your headphones, and prepare your nerves for true horror with angles like you’ve never seen before. 

Black Light 

best minecraft maps black light

Channeling the frights of Outlast, Black Light is a chilling expedition to a Russian psychiatric hospital in the wake of a nuclear explosion. A specialised texture pack makes the place skin-crawlingly filthy, complete with ominous graffiti and a colour palette chiefly favoured by despair. Instead of being pitch black, like so many Minecraft horror maps, skilled use of lighting makes the hospital a genuinely creepy place to be.

The Asylum

minecraft maps the asylum

Overused cliché or not, abandoned asylums are always a great place for spooks and thrills. Apart from performing a solid job of delivering blocky jumpscares and plenty of chills, The Asylum also promises a total sense of powerlessness as its mobs are virtually impossible to kill. Stripped-back, lean Minecraft horror at its finest.

Survival Horror 

best minecraft maps survival horror

Ah, the creepy mansion on the hill. How could such a horror trope not be the centre of a Minecraft map? Created by the ever-excellent Hypixel, Survival Horror asks you to survive 25 waves of ever-tougher ghouls and beasts using only the limited resources found lying around the mansion. A failing electric generator helps crank up the panic in a map that delivers pure fright from start to finish. 

Ruins of the Dead

best minecraft maps ruins of the dead

Ancient underground temple? Check. Wave after wave of flesh-eating zombies? Check. Hidden chests of armour, weapons, and loot? Check.

Ruins of the Dead is one of the best zombie survival maps out there thanks to its progressive loot game and increasing difficulty. There’s even a deviously challenging final undead foe for anyone who can get through the 16 waves of increasingly challenging zombies.


best minecraft maps wandering

Rife with jump-scares and utterly haunting from the first few steps, Wandering is a horror map that you won’t be forgetting any time soon. You play as Jack, a 30-year-old man returning home after a tiring day at work… only someone – or something – has followed you in through the front door [crack of lightning, haunting organ music]...

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flapharder Avatar
3 Years ago

This is literally the BEST map me and my friends have ever played in minecraft...finally a map that is not at all confusing, offers alternatives to people who find parkour difficult, and is interesting and challenging and keeps you going all the way to the end. We will play this one again. Well done, and please make more like this!

Rich Kid Asshole Avatar
2 Years ago

how did you get a server

getrdonish Avatar
2 Years ago

here's a minecraft factions server with a custom created map, it's pretty cool:

minecraft games Avatar
1 Year ago

Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field.

Jak Draconeel Avatar
1 Year ago

Those Pixelmon photos aren't even to that pixelmon map>.>, Ik this because im friends with the creator (JonD) that made the map in those photos.