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Minecraft multiplayer maps

It’s no fun to go alone, so why not team up with some friends, strangers, and enemies and cause a little chaos. There are plenty of great multiplayer servers out there, but for something really interesting that you can run yourself you need to grab a specially created map. These are all homages to other games, but recreate their mechanics brilliantly.

Payday 2: Endgame 

Payday Endgame Minecraft map

Using Overkill’s superb heist game as its influence, Payday 2: Endgame offers up seven heists fully playable co-operatively. Four of these will be rather familiar to players of the original, redrawing Framing Day One and Two, Big Oil, and Fire Starter, whilst the remainder are original creations. The key though is pacing, and Endgame captures Payday’s stealth-to-panic curve surprisingly well. Alongside objectives are security systems to sabotage and a rather well designed trading system to kit out your mobsters with. 

It's Better Together

best minecraft maps better together

Taking inspiration from Portal 2’s brilliant co-op puzzling, this two-player adventure map is filled to bursting point with complex quandaries waiting to be solved. Better yet, it’s been made with vanilla Minecraft players in mind, so you and your friend won’t have to endure a lengthy troubleshooting install process before heading into its mind-bending co-op world.

Mine 4 Dead 

best minecraft maps mine 4 dead

It doesn't matter where you go, zombies remain forever popular. There’s a good dose of zombies in Minecraft anyway, but why not sweeten that with a spoonful of Valve. Mine 4 Dead is classic zombie co-op-em-up Left 4 Dead recreated as a Minecraft multiplayer map. Take in three friends with you (you’ll need them), and prepare yourself to be swamped by the smelly, rotting corpses of the undead. Custom textures recreate the special zombies of the original in look only, but you won’t be thinking of the lack of special skills when you’re fighting back the horde with nothing but a sword and a handful of cookies. 

Team Fortress 2 in Minecraft 

best minecraft maps team fortress 2

It’s a classic multiplayer map in the world of Team Fortress, but in Minecraft Dustbowl is just that little bit more special. Indeed, this is probably one of the best examples of command block work you’ll have ever seen, with a fully functioning control point system to capture the classic TF2 action. Along with a recreation of the core classes and Red v Blue teams, Minecraft Dustbowl also has resupply lockers and dispensers that work flawlessly. Suddenly the fact that Dustbowl is a perfect visual replica of the original map is its least interesting feature. 

FunLand 3

best minecraft maps funland 3

What do you need for a perfect Minecaft day out with your friends? Hundreds of rollercoasters extending to the very limits of Minecraft’s sky box and as far into the horizon as the eye can see. This Minecraftian ode to the humble theme park is ideal for people who love roller coasters, but hate queues. VR support will likely render this map unbearable.

Oddball choice


Diversity, as its name suggests, doesn’t pigeonhole itself into a single map type. Instead Diversity offers up a plethora of different game types, with the completion of each mini-map rewarding you with a ball of wool. Collecting all ten different coloured wools will allow you to construct a monument; your crowning achievement and proof that you defeated them all. Individually the mini maps - made up of genres such as adventure, escape, dropper, and parkour - are not quite the exceptional examples that would make it onto a ‘best of’ compilation. Yet together, they create a unique game that’s the equivalent of those brilliant taster platters you order in fancy restaurants.

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flapharder Avatar
3 Years ago

This is literally the BEST map me and my friends have ever played in minecraft...finally a map that is not at all confusing, offers alternatives to people who find parkour difficult, and is interesting and challenging and keeps you going all the way to the end. We will play this one again. Well done, and please make more like this!

Rich Kid Asshole Avatar
1 Year ago

how did you get a server

getrdonish Avatar
2 Years ago

here's a minecraft factions server with a custom created map, it's pretty cool:

minecraft games Avatar
1 Year ago

Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field.

Jak Draconeel Avatar
8 Months ago

Those Pixelmon photos aren't even to that pixelmon map>.>, Ik this because im friends with the creator (JonD) that made the map in those photos.