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Minecraft’s new natural environments are getting even better

Minecraft's new approach to biomes continues to look impressive

These mountains and valleys were generated in Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 2

The latest Minecraft snapshot previewed a massive change to world generation that’ll land with the Minecraft 1.18 release date. Now, Experimental Snapshot 2 is here with a round of changes to the new world-gen system that’ll make it seem even more natural. Highlights include better beaches, taller mountains, more rabbits, and deadlier monster spawners.

If you missed the details on Experimental Snapshot 1, it revamped world generation so that biomes flow more naturally into each other. Plains, hills, and mountains now carry over across biomes, rather than each biome ignoring the terrain of adjacent locations. Players have been discovering gorgeous-looking landscapes ever since.

The new iteration of that snapshot smooths out the new generation system so that you’ll see fewer microbiomes dotting the landscape. Beaches have been made wider so that they’ll stand out more. The rarest mountain peaks are now even taller, reaching into the 220-260 height range. And, most importantly, there are more rabbits.

The update also makes zombie, skeleton, and spider spawners continue generating monsters up to a light level of 11. Basically, that means you can no longer plop down a single torch to mitigate the spawner’s effects.

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You can get the full patch notes on the official site, or a more visual breakdown in the video above. This is likely to be the last Minecraft snapshot for a few weeks, as “most of the team is on vacation”.