Minecraft co-developers 4J Studios are sponsoring Scottish Games Week

Scottish-based Minecraft co-devs 4J Studios are sponsoring the inaugural Scottish Games Week, which runs from October 24 to 28 in cities across the country

Minecraft co-developers 4J Studios are sponsoring Scottish Games Week: A Scottish flag made up of three blue triangles and a green one with 'Scottish Game Week' written in white beneath it on a blue background

Minecraft co-devs and Scottish natives 4J Studios are set to sponsor the first ever Scottish Games Week, which will showcase not just the Dundonian developer’s sandbox game, but a plethora of upcoming sagas from across the country.

4J Studios, based in Dundee, Scotland, will be sponsoring all of the Scottish Games Week proceedings, which are set to take place throughout the country from October 24 to October 28.

Events are set for Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee, and seek to highlight the importance of gaming in both the Scottish and global economic ecosystems.

Chairman and CEO of 4J Studios, Chris van der Kuyl, writes “Scottish games companies have been incredibly successful to date, but we are part of a rapidly changing industry, and if we are to build on that success we need to support each other and think internationally.

“We hope this inaugural Scottish Games Week will encourage that collaboration as well as raising the profile of the industry and its potential with other key stakeholders.”

This is echoed by founder of the Scottish Games Network (the company behind Scottish Games Week), Brian Baglow, who states “We are proud and delighted to welcome 4J Studios on board as the title sponsor for the whole of Scottish Games Week. The support and endorsement of the studio, founded by two of the country’s most successful games entrepreneurs is a huge boost to establishing an event we hope to make a regular feature of the global games calendar.

“We’re grateful for the support and encouragement of the 4J Studios team and can’t wait to get them involved in our incredible programme of events!”

You can find out more about 4J Studios on their official website, as well as a full rundown of the Scottish Games Week calendar here.

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