Aerna creators claim it’s the largest and most detailed Minecraft server

Minecraft Aerna

A lot of rather large worlds have been created in Minecraft. There are builders creating Middle-Earth, software that’s rendered World of Warcraft’s Azeroth in blocky detail and even the entirety of Denmark. We rather like big Minecraft projects here, which is why those three are all in our list of the 15 best Minecraft servers

Aerna is another humongous server, and its creators claim that it’s the largest and most detailed Minecraft server out there. It’s a work in progress, but is already massive, 102,400 blocks across and 84GB in size. 

The team, which started off as a duo, but has expanded into a team of builders, isn’t just content with making it large, either. “Not only do we have realistic land formations that draw inspiration from the world we live in but we take into account wind patterns, tectonic plates, and positioning along latitude lines,” Mirb, one of the server’s creators explained on the Minecraft forums. “These and many more aspects give us the credit to say we have the most detailed Minecraft map yet.”

Towns and countries are being developed, with cultures with histories and their own architectural styles. Mirb says that these settlements also have NPCs that run shops and offers quests and tasks for players.

While the server isn’t public yet, if you want to get involved, you can message Mirb on the forums and maybe lend a hand.

Cheers, Box Mash.