Minecraft speedrunner beats the game in 30 minutes while blindfolded

Minecraft players are just showing off now

A Minecraft player takes on a mob of enemies

You may fancy yourself good at Minecraft, but are you skilled enough to beat it in around 30 minutes while wearing a blindfold? No, me neither, but someone else is, thankfully, and they’ve uploaded the whole thing to YouTube.

Speedrunner FrozenMelody managed to accomplish the feat in 33 minutes and 35 seconds, to be precise. The content creator also pulled off the challenge without any audio help, which shows an impressive memory of the route. He gives himself around six minutes to gather items and then four minutes to trade before sailing off on a boat during day two of the run in-game. He reaches The End around the 17 minutes in before setting up a trap and fighting the Ender Dragon.

FrozenMelody explains that he constructed the route to be as safe as possible and replicable by anyone who has the mental bandwidth to memorise it. Of course, RNG can still influence the run, but input mistakes are all you have to worry about. FrozenMelody says he has “over 100 clips” of failed runs as “every little thing could go wrong”.

“It’s hard to describe just how many small millisecond changes can cause the run to fail,” he says. “Mis-clicked? Failed. Let go of a direction too soon? Failed. Picked up an unwanted item? Failed. Villagers pushing you? Failed. Killing the dragon and landing in the middle of the final portal and not jumping into the credits that are one block in any direction from you before taking off the blindfold? Yeah, that one hurt a lot.”

FrozenMelody also reckons that his time is quite beatable, as he had “terrible luck” with the dragon perching, costing him around six minutes. Here’s the run:

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FrozenMelody’s channel also includes heaps of other blindfold-related speedruns in games like Deltarune and Celeste, if you fancy checking some more videos out.

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