The Minecraft character creator is now in beta

Now you can customise in-game

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Minecraft will soon have a proper, in-game character creator, but you can already play with the new feature yourself courtesy of the latest beta release. This is a Bedrock Edition feature, so you’ll need to be opted into the usual Insider build for access, but once you’re in, you’ll find a new option on the character select that lets you build a custom avatar.

The character creator lets you customise attributes like body size and skin tone, then select hair, beards, eyes, and mouths from a list of premade parts to make whatever sort of character you’d like. Then, you’ve got a similar selection of clothing options – the difference is that you can purchase clothing items in addition to the 100 or so you get for free.

If you prefer to customise in the traditional way, you can still import custom Minecraft skins the same as you always have. No word on how long the beta will last just yet, but the character creator will eventually hit Minecraft Earth and the iOS and Switch ports of the game some time after the beta has concluded.

There are a number of more fundamental tweaks in the patch notes on the official site, including some changes to improve mob spawning.

If you haven’t checked in on the Minecraft player count in a while, the numbers are still staggering – even up against modern megahits like Fortnite. There’s no stopping the block builder at this point.