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Minecraft update will bring beautiful new biome, with extra wood

The new Minecraft update is set to add beautiful pink cherry blossoms and some new wood via a new Minecraft biome in Mojang's building game’s 1.20 patch.

Minecraft update will bring beautiful new biome, with extra wood: A hero with red hair holds aloft a sword in Mojang building game Minecraft

The upcoming Minecraft update will add one of the prettiest areas we’ve ever seen in the Mojang building game, with beautiful pink cherry blossoms and a whole-new type of wood to build with, courtesy of a fresh Minecraft biome. Previously, it was unclear whether an extra environment was going to be added to the Game Pass stalwart, but as we head towards the Minecraft 1.20 release date, it seems Mojang is committed to some extra visual lustre.

The new cherry blossom biome will arrive in the Minecraft Overworld with update 1.20, which we’re expecting to launch around summer. The eponymous trees bring a big, fluffy, and extremely pink overhaul to the Minecraft world, and will attract a lot of peaceful mobs like bees, pigs, and sheep. You’re going to want the very best Minecraft shaders to make this new biome really pop off your screen.

As well as prettifying the Minecraft map, the new biome will introduce an additional source of wood. Chopping down and harvesting the cherry blossoms gives you an extra ingredient for crafting, with Mojang offering a unique hanging sign which will also be introduced in 1.20.

Minecraft update will bring beautiful new biome, with extra wood: Pink cherry blossom trees in Mojang building game Minecraft

And if you want to spread the pinkness around, you can collect cherry blossom saplings and plant them wherever you want. Naturally, the best Minecraft mods are a great way to make your personal builds look better than ever, but dropping a few pink trees here and there is sure to add some extra cuteness.

1.20 will also add a new Minecraft archaeology feature, allowing you to gently and carefully dig for hidden treasures which can be collected and used for decorations. As you mine, you’ll eventually come across the new ‘suspicious sand’ block. Dig carefully around it to find a treasure shard; collect four shards, and you can reconstruct a forgotten artefact, and place it wherever you want. With new fauna, crafting ingredients, and decorative items, we’re expecting to see some very pretty houses once summer arrives.

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