Minecraft Christmas: the best festive Minecraft mods, skins, and seeds

Deck the halls with blocks of snow, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

There’s no better time than Christmas to play Minecraft. Settling down with a cup of hot cocoa and loading up a new Minecraft map or generating some festive Minecraft seeds to explore is the perfect way to spend the holidays.

We’ve all got our Christmas traditions, waking up early to get in some hours of gaming in before the onslaught of presents and food, or curling up to play games with the family that definitely don’t end in arguments. Or maybe your tradition is watching the Minecraft Christmas movie, or putting on the Minecraft Christmas song, we can already hear the cynical intro…

Whatever it is, we can all agree that Christmas is a magical time in Minecraft. If you install the right Minecraft mod, the villages are iced in snow and candy canes sprout from the ground, and even the villagers seem to be in a good mood. If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in a Minecraft Christmas, then here’s our holiday gift to you, all the best Minecraft shaders, mods, seeds, and more. No need to thank us, just have a happy Minecraft Christmas!

Winter Wonderland seed

Seed: -4711314255631843238 (1.16.4)

This seed spawns you on the shore of a snow-covered beach – hop over the dunes onto the snowy tundra, and you might spot a polar bear if you’re lucky. Head south, along the coast, to find a Christmassy village.

If you head north instead, over the snowy taiga hills, you’ll find a spectacular range of ice spikes beside a winding, frozen river – perfect for building a giant, wintry Minecraft castle. There’s plenty more to discover in this seed; igloos, ruins, and villages nestle in the snow-covered hills – perfect for a wintry expedition with friends.

A snowy Minecraft village in 1.18, with a frozen lake behind it

Minecraft 1.18 snowy village seed

Seed: -6370726983755563033 (1.18.1)
Snowy village coordinates: X= 896, Z=80

After spawning on the edge of a frozen ocean and waving at the polar bears on the ice below, cross the snowy slopes behind you and you’ll spot a festive village at the edge of a forest. With snow-capped mountains in the distance, and an igloo with a secret trapdoor hidden nearby, this is the perfect seed to explore the Caves and Cliffs update over the holidays.

Rudolph skin

Don this adorable Rudolph skin as you dash through the snow – though you’ll need elytra (or creative mode) to soar through the skies with an inventory full of gifts.

The Christmas Tree Resource Pack

This festive texture pack transforms oak trees into Christmas trees, complete with glowing lights. It also adds 22 colourful baubles that you can hang from the branches using item frames. You need to enable cheats to acquire these baubles, which can be obtained by using the /give Minecraft console command and summoning a diamond hoe – the bauble’s design is determined by the damage value you assign to the hoe. Once you’ve finished adorning your tree, top it off with a star by placing a redstone torch.

Penguin skin

Skate around in style with this cute Minecraft penguin skin, complete with santa hat and a cosy striped scarf.

Ghoulcraft Winter Pack

Ghoulcraft is a custom-model resource pack that adds all kinds of unique furniture and accessories to your game – and the Ghoulcraft Winter pack is full of Christmas decorations to bring seasonal cheer to your Minecraft world. It’s designed to match Mizuno’s 16 Craft, one of our favourite Minecraft texture packs, so we recommend using them together.

Using the Minecraft anvil and the catalogue provided, you can rename standard Minecraft items and they will transform into reindeer, Christmas trees, presents, or even festive fireplaces. In order to place your new decorations, you need to first put down an item frame – be sure to download a texture pack that makes your item frames invisible, like Jaden’s Invisible Frames, to display your ornaments properly.

Creeper Santa skin

If you find gunpowder in your stocking this Christmas, blame it on Creeper Santa – though he’s more likely to blow up your chimney on his way down before he gets anywhere near your milk and mince pies.

Futureazoo’s Christmas pack

This Christmas texture pack closely matches Minecraft’s vanilla textures, seamlessly integrating holiday decorations – sugar cane becomes candy cane, iron bars are fairy lights, and peonies become snowmen. Spruce trees have been covered with sparkling lights, turning Minecraft’s snowy biomes into magical forests of twinkling stars.

Now you’re all set to have a merry Minecraft Christmas. There’s plenty of wintry escapes in Minecraft, but this is our pick of the best of Minecraft Christmas.