Minecraft combat snapshot 7c buffs shields and lets you stack potions

Here's what the latest round of Minecraft's combat rework looks like

After half-a-year without an update to the tests for Minecraft‘s combat rework, now we’ve gotten two in just a handful of days. Minecraft combat snapshot 7c is here, and with it another set of changes to the eventual combat revamp. The latest edition includes a load of Minecraft shield changes, and the ability to stack your potions.

Shields are now always instant activation, give you 50% knockback resistance while active, and will protect you from 100% of incoming explosion damage. All regular potions – but not splash or lingering potions – will now stack up to 16 deep in your inventory. There’s also an adjustment to how the auto-attack system works – holding down the button is still slightly slower than optimal clicking, but behind-the-scenes adjustments mean that system should work more consistently now.

A load of changes from combat snapshot 6 have also been reverted back to their format in version 5. You’ll no longer be interrupted while eating, you’ll once again have an attack indicator, and you’ll no longer lose accuracy for holding a bow out too long.

The combat snapshots, unlike standard snapshots, require a separate download outside of your Minecraft: Java Edition client. You can head to Reddit to download the snapshot for yourself. (While this is called combat snapshot 7c, don’t worry – you didn’t miss out on snapshots 7a and 7b. Those were used in private PvP tests with members of the community.)

Mojang’s Mikael ‘slicedlime’ Hedberg has provided his usual unofficial breakdown of the changes in the video below. Or you can keep scrolling for the official changelog.

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Features that have been changed back:

  • Returned the attack indicator
  • Returned the “200% time” attacks (let’s call them “charged” attacks) and the +1 reach bonus
  • Returned sweeping to only work for charged attacks and when having the Sweeping enchantment
  • Returned base reach to 2.5 blocks
  • Removed the bow inaccuracy for holding too long
  • Removed the eating interruption for getting hit

Features that have been adjusted:

  • Potions stack to 16
  • Made weapon enchantments available to axes if they’re applied from a book in the anvil
  • Missed attacks are still fast, but they don’t count as charged. Because of how the programming code is laid out it meant I had to change how the auto-attack “penalty” is applied. Instead of being 20% slower, they add a hard-coded single tick to the attack rate (i.e. after a miss you can optimally attack again after 4 ticks, or after 5 ticks when holding the attack)
  • Shields now add a 50% knockback resistance when active
  • Shields are now always instant
  • Shields protect against 100% explosion damage
  • You won’t get the reach bonus while you are crouching (to add a slight disadvantage to shielding and attacking simultaneously)

Bug fixes:

  • Netherite weapons have updated stats
  • Using shields while crouching is now no longer desynchronized when attacking air
  • Players in spectator mode can no longer sweep in the air
  • Knockback attribute no longer have a random chance to completely prevent knockback
  • Fixed player speed bug for crouching vs using shield (thanks /u/Dual_Iron)

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