Minecraft build inspired by Control is a brutalist daydream

Minecraft and Control aren't two games you'd necessarily consider together but that won't keep fans from their dream Minecraft builds in the crafting game

A Mincraft Control build has been made. This image shows Steve in front of a building in The Oldest House from Control.

It’s always astonishing to admire an awesome Minecraft build. Minecraft isn’t a game about inheriting a weird shape-shifting gun and having to attack evil fridges, but that does make for a very reductive description of Control. That’s a very convenient comparison too, because today we’re looking at this amazing Control-inspired Minecraft build.

Ominous_Hippopotamus on Reddit, who happens to be the owner of our favourite handle of all time, posted a video of a hardcore base they’ve been working on inspired by the brutalist beauty of The Oldest House from Control. The Oldest House is an immensely strange place filled to the brim with unusual trinkets, weapons, and beings from other realms. The whole place is best described as being unsettling, and the video that Ominous Hippopotamus put up of their base captures that wonderfully.

While we only get a short glimpse into this base, it feels very accurate. The open atrium with the welcoming plant life greets the player to begin with, but upon turning a corner the video shows unsettling geometry jutting out and twisting space itself.

It’s just a stellar recreation of the area and, while it’s unlikely to have the Hiss floating around and causing havoc, it’s another firm reminder of just how much attention and love goes into so many of the builds you see in Minecraft. There’s clearly been a lot of time and effort put into this to make it feel accurate, and the lighting is especially entrancing.

It’s that same kind of attention to detail that has players building things like the Ghostbusters theme song out of Redstone, or creating a data pack to let you mess around with Breath of the Wild abilities. It might be the same kind of love that causes people to turn bees into Steve too, but we’re not sure about that. If you’re interested in creating your own nightmares, be sure to check out our Minecraft skins guide and the best Minecraft mods to set you up for success.