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The day Minecraft got beet: will Mojang’s new vegetable come to the PC?


There’s a certain number of platform exclusives we can stomach. Forza can wait, Killzone’s said to be cack, and Knack was always a no-go. But this – this we didn’t expect to see anywhere but the PC. A new cooking component for Minecraft, developed first for Pocket Edition.

Pocket Edition developer Johan Bernhardsson tweeted the picture of the vegetable in question just this morning. The beetroot will appear in the mobile game’s 0.80 version, he revealed, and looks to be plantable in much the same way as your existing carrots, pumpkins and sugar cane.

Its products will be a (presumably purple) dye and another sort of soup to join mushroom stew. Mushrooms grow only in the shade, so a reliably renewable vegetarian food option that grows right outside the house could be invaluable.

You might think the beet a dead cert for inclusion in Minecraft’s PC version, but a follow-up tweet from rendering engineer Ryan Holtz suggests it was conceived independently of Jeb and the gang:

Fans asked the question directly: will they reach the PC edition?

“Could they? Everything is possible with Zombocom,” replied Holtz, in reference to the parodic, forever-introductory Flash site. “Will they? No idea whatsoevet [sic].”

I think I’d quite like to catch the pungent whiff of beetroot through my smello-VR goggles in future Minecraft. How about you? And while we’re at it, what’re your thoughts on the increasingly divergent development of Minecraft’s mobile version?